How it works?

One of the best ways to get more likes on your Instagram images is to tag them. Each Instagram image you upload can hold up to 30 tags - these tags will make your public Instagram images available on Instagram search. To tag your image, all you have to do is post a comment on your image containing the relevant tags and you'll notice they've turned into links. So far so good..

Problem is.. the more likes you want the more tags you need, plus, the tags should be relevant and popular in order to make the desired impact. That's where TagBlender comes in. We have collected the best Instagram tags for you, and divided them into categories.

Regular tagging sites will offer you 30 words blocks of tags to copy and paste as comment. These blocks are usually oriented to one subject such as animal tags, nature tags and so on.. We have realized that some of your images my contain more than one subject in them. For example if you took a picture of your dog and cat playing near you house you might need to tag "cat", "dog" and "house" or "yard" Tag Blender offers similar blocks of tags, handpicked one by one, but also allows you to take only 10 tags from each category. That way you can get the top tags from each category creating a powerful block of Instagram tags that is not only popular and relevant buy also fits you image 100%.

Instagramers, or IGers, using TagBlender are much more likely to get likes and followers.